General principles

The Chubb logo and name are intellectual property rights owned exclusively by Chubb.

The Chubb logo may be downloaded from Chubb’s website.  By doing so, you agree to the restrictions on its use contained in these Guidelines, as they may be updated and posted on Chubb’s website from time to time.

The Chubb logo may only be used in connection with authorized Chubb goods and services. Its use must follow the specific guidelines set forth in this document. It may not be altered. You must always use the logo with proper trademark attribution indicating that “The Chubb logo and name are registered trademarks of Chubb.”

You may not, in any circumstance, use the logo or any other trademark owned by Chubb as part of your domain name or other source indicator, such as your company name, trade name or social media site identifier. The logo may not be used in a manner that falsely implies affiliation with Chubb or endorsement of a product or service.

Presentation of logo use

The Chubb logo is a custom drawn wordmark and there is no symbol that accompanies it. The logo is available in black for light backgrounds and reversed out of black for dark backgrounds.

The logo should never be re-created, altered or set in a different typeface.  


Whenever possible, a minimum clearspace around the logo should be considered for maximum legibility and impact of the logo.

  • Clearspace above and below the logo is equal to two heights of the B in the Chubb logo.
  • Clearspace on either side of the logo is equal to two widths of the B in the Chubb logo. 


Please do not portray the logo in ways shown below:



Trademark attribution

Proper trademark attribution on all uses of logo and name must be used by indicating that “The Chubb logo is a registered trademark of Chubb Limited”.

The registered mark ® is included in the files provided and is positioned in the upper right-hand corner of the logo.

The registered mark becomes illegible if shown in small sizes. To ensure maximum legibility and impact, the logo should never be shown smaller than 72 pixels in any digital communication and 25 mm wide (72pt, or 1 inch) in any print communication.

Reference to Chubb

The common company name to reference is Chubb. The name Chubb Group is permitted in limited instances, particularly when referring to several Chubb subsidiary companies.

This document can be modified from time to time. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve it. Feel free to email [insert address?] with suggestions and questions.